Monday, February 25, 2013

A Happy Hello

Hey Again! 

Since I already had all my Papertrey Ink things out for this card, I thought it would be fun to participate in this week's Make It Monday, which is all about adding glitter trim to your project.  ...A challenge with glitter...?  Uhh...yea, I'm in!

I may have gone a little overboard with the glitter trim idea because, omg, I totally underestimated the mess this little project would create.  I think I'll be finding glitter for days weeks.  Here's why: 

For this card, I used the wonderful words: hello stamp set, which is embossed with black.  I then cut strips of cardstock (scarlet jewel, autumn rose, canyon clay, summer sunrise, and simply chartreuse) and ran them through my xyron.  I added prisma glitter to the strips and proceeded to cover everything on my desk with sparkles (as a side note, swiffer cloths work great as glitter clean up cloths).  It didn't help that Audie was poised and ready to help... 

He's a creature of opportunity--those scraps are mighty shiny and the opposite of tasty (not that he knows that until he sinks his teeth into them).  He steals them like a stealth ninja and runs for the hills (bedsheets)!  With my fingers covered in glitter, he was definitely at an advantage--though that simply resulted in him being inadvertently bedazzled.  Which resulted in my room, carpet, and sheets ending up a little more fabulous than they were before this evening.  Alas.  

Okay, back to the card.  See how sparkly it is? 

Anyways, that's all for me today.  Thanks for visiting! 



  1. so bright and cheery, I love all the strips of glitter and how you wove them together in the corner. I know what you mean about the glitter mess...I brushed my pants and the glitter flew up into the will be around for weeks I think!

  2. I am just giggling to myself thinking about Audie & the fabulous stealth maneuver....I'm going to tell myself that's why I keep my desk top so messy. It's bad enough having the dog at my feet without the cats at my hands ;)
    I really love the paper weaving - and the black just pops above it. Enjoy being extra-fabulous today :)

  3. Ohhh, I like this! It's so sparkly!! The paper weaving looks great, too! The adventures of Audie makes me laugh! He just wanted to play, too! :)

  4. Loved your story, and your card! I have an Abyssinian who "helps" me stamp, too :)

  5. Loving your 'rainbow' weave. Great job!

  6. A super sparkly card. Love the rainbow.

  7. Love how you wove these sparkling borders, great card!


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