Saturday, December 1, 2012


Happy Weekend, Everyone! 

Today I'm plum out of ideas, so I thought I would spend some time organizing my distress inks.  I've been putting it off, mostly because it seemed a bit tedious and a lot boring, but I'm happy that it's done now.  Ta-da...! 

Okay, so maybe it doesn't deserve a "ta-da" but at least it's nice to look at!  I think a lot of other people probably have their inks labeled in a similar manner, but in case you were wondering how I did it, here's how: 

I used some scrap white cardstock and stamped a solid image in each ink color.  Incidentally, I was rather surprised to find that most of my stamps are line images, so I made do by inking half of one of the trees from the Lawn Fawn set Let It Snow.  I then punched each color out using my Martha Stewart heart punch and set them aside.  I then typed all the color names in a word document, printed it out, cut the names apart, and taped the name and coordinating heart to the side of the ink pad.  Easy-peesy!  

Alright, so this wasn't the most exciting post, but at least Audie was happy...

He loves scrap paper... om-nom-nom!  

Anyways, that's all for me today!  Hope you're having a relaxing weekend!  Thanks for visiting today! 


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