Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So Very Proud!

Hi Everyone! 

Today our house is full of super exciting news!!  My husband is currently a 4th year medical student and, since he joined the Army, he'll be doing an Army residency.  Which brings me to the exciting news-- today is military match day, which means he finds out where he'll be doing residency, and, more importantly for me, where we'll be moving!  Needless to say, he matched into a general surgery residency and we couldn't be happier! 

In order to celebrate the occasion, I made him this little box:

I started by making a cute 3x3x1 box out of some pretty turquoise paper.  I then decorated the top of the box with Dewey Decimal paper by Lawn Fawn.  I thought this was so perfect for a school related gift!  At my local craft store, I found these cute doctor-themed embellishments, so I added the stethoscope and some Metzenbaum scissors to the top.  So cute, right? 

I used Smitty's ABCs for both the front and the inside sentiment: 

I also added some little pill bottles that were in the embellishments package-- so fun!  The sides of the box are decorated with the interlocking backdrops stamped in some pool ink.  Inside the box is a surgeon's cap, so he can wear his alma mater with pride!  Hooray! 

Thanks for visiting today!! 



  1. That box is so cute! Congrats to you and your husband!

  2. That's a great box, and congratulations!

  3. What fun! How did you have the energy and forethought to come up with that after this semester?

  4. Big congrats for both of you!! What a perfect box you've created for the ocassion!! Love it :)


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